kACE Pro - Seamlessly manage the entire options life cycle

The kACE Pro platform offers leading edge technology to support all aspects of
the FX options (FXO) and metal options life cycle, including:

  • Pricing
  • Distribution
  • Structuring and trading
  • Portfolio management
  • Straight through processing (STP)
  • External connectivity

Through our tailored screens, we also integrate kACE’s award winning market data, providing a seamless trading experience across the entire options ecosystem.


kACE Pro Order Management System (OMS) delivers automation of FXO workflow from liquidity access, trader to sales interaction, through to price distribution to venues and e-commerce solutions. The OMS can be accessed by a trader dashboard or via tailor-made UI’s for specific user groups. The OMS is supported by a suite of API’s that allow integration with third party systems, proprietary applications and math models, and allows the dealing engine to be configured to specific business requirements. Pro OMS offers liquidity access via established connections to 14 of the world’s leading liquidity providers on a bi-lateral basis and through selected venues

Real time credit support annex (CSA) collateralised pricing for cross currency and basis swaps

kACE Treasury FX - Enhancing accuracy

FX pricing is more complex than simply aggregating real time market data. kACE Treasury FX, includes a wider range of market influences such as subtle interest rate changes and central bank intervention data. This significantly enhances the accuracy of our pricing at a granular level.

kACE Treasury FX features:

  • A full set of FX pricing tools using basis adjusted Libor, fixing and overnight indexed swap (OIS) curves
  • The facility to allow events to be added to FX curves (end of month, ECB dates, FOMC dates)
  • Real time credit support annex (CSA) collateralised pricing for cross currency and basis swaps

kACE Treasury Rates - Advanced pricing for rates

In the interest rates arena, kACE Treasury Rates incorporates highly flexible interest rate curves and allows variable discounting to accurately price the specific characteristics of any given trade.