kACE OMS FXO - An open platform for enterprise-wide solutions

kACE OMS FXO is an open platform that powers ecommerce, distribution and third party applications. Our suite of server components and application programming interfaces (APIs) allows clients to deliver mission critical solutions across the entire enterprise.

kACE OMS FXO also integrates with other kACE systems, including kACE Pro, to allow seamless portfolio management and straight through processing (STP).

Key features

  • Automated routing of requests for auto-quoting or dealer intervention
  • Secure quote-to-execution process
  • Automatic market scenario selection
  • Ability to implement custom dealing rules
  • Allows non managed currency pairs to be passed to an external liquidity pool

Key benefits

  • Customer tiering
  • Market data spreader
  • Automated client price generation, distribution and quote responses
  • A suite of APIs to enhance dealing workflow solutions between systems
  • Execution panel for kACE users to send requests, view quotes with time to expiry, and book trades.
  • Connectivity to multi-dealer platforms
  • API for bespoke interfaces
  • Deal capture