kACE Pro Metals

kACE Pro Metals

kACE Pro Metals - Supporting the entire metal options ecosystem

The kACE Pro platform offers leading-edge technology to support all aspects of the metals options life-cycle, including:

  • Pricing distribution
  • Structuring and trading
  • Portfolio management
  • Straight through processing (STP)
  • External connectivity

Through our tailored screens, we also integrate kACE’s award-winning market data, providing a seamless trading experience across the options ecosystem.

kACE Pro Metals has a number of advanced features:


  • Over 80 products covered, from vanillas to a wide variety of exotic options including structured products such as target redemption forwards (TARFs), funding valuation adjustments (FVAs) and accumulators
  • We cover the OTC bilateral and cleared markets as well as exchange-traded FXOs, and also support deliverable and non-deliverable products
  • We offer a variety of models tailored to market practitioners and the FXO markets, including LSV (local stochastic volatility) with ease of calibration
  • Structured pricing, including powerful strip generation wizards, structure libraries, fast trade restructuring, graphing and product-idea generation.

Distribution and automated dealing workflows

  • The sales screen is tailored for the distribution of products to the sales organisation. This includes internal RFQs, where sales can interact with the trading desk in both automated and manual workflows
  • Term sheets and confirmations can be quickly built and are able to cover any product and strategy or structure

Dealing engine and dealing workflow

  • Dealing rules to route price requests either to the dealing engine or to manual intervention
  • Automated quote responding and execution

Market data

  • Market data includes a combination of kACE provided, customer sourced and data-vendor feeds
  • Volatility surfaces sourced from the electronic and voice broker operations of BGC Group

Deal capture

  • Trades in underlying FXO products can also be booked (spot, forward, deposit, swap)
  • STP (straight through processing) - server can send trades in real time to core and/or back office system.*

Liquidity access

  • Order routing can be carried out through kACE Deal Manager to a growing list of execution venues
  • Trades executed on various venues are seamlessly processed back into the kACE PRO FXO trade database alongside manually entered tickets

* Developed by the kACE Professional Services Integration Group or by customers using the API