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kACE was created when FENICS Software acquired the specialist foreign exchange (FX), rates pricing and analytics firm Kalahari in late 2017.

The integrated brand has over 60 years’ combined experience in delivering innovative, real time pricing and analytics solutions to the global financial markets.

kACE operates out of five global offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore, with development and technical deployment teams in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and the Americas.


We empower our customers to grow their business through:

  • Market competitive quantitative models
  • Innovative solutions that deliver an enhanced service to end clients
  • Bespoke offerings designed for an institution’s unique requirements, or the specific needs of the market
  • Robust, market tested solutions that minimise operational risk

Our experienced and highly skilled team are all specialists in their specific markets and technologies. This ensures the highest standards when it comes to implementation, customisation and client support.


kACE provides a suite of market leading real time professional modules, enterprise application programming interfaces (APIs) and customised software development kits (SDKs) for clients around the world.

Our solutions allow customers to control, monitor, integrate and automate workflow style solutions for interest rates, FX trading and FX options (FXO) trading, and lifecycle management.

kACE’s comprehensive product offering covers all aspects of the trading lifecycle, including:
  • Pricing
  • Automated price distribution
  • Trading
  • Risk management
  • Post trade processing (straight through processing, trade reporting, etc,)

Simplify complexity

Our proven and reliable technology has been supporting some of the largest global financial services companies for nearly 30 years. At kACE, we combine financial markets expertise with cutting edge technology to deliver solutions that simplify complexity, enabling users to make consistently accurate pricing decisions.


Foreign Exchange

Our innovative foreign exchange (FX) products cover the forwards, NDF (non deliverable forward) and
options markets, providing accurate pricing and workflow solutions for:
  • Trading
  • Sales desks
  • e-Commerce
  • Risk management

FX Forwards and NDF markets

Pricing for FX forwards and NDFs is more sophisticated than simply aggregating real-time market data.
The inclusion of a wider range of market influences, such as subtle interest rate changes and Central Bank
intervention data, significantly enhances the accuracy of our pricing at a granular level.

kACE Treasury FX market coverage includes :

  • Full set of FX pricing tools using basis adjusted Libor, fixing and overnight index swaps (OIS) curves
  • Allow events to be added to FX curves (end of month, ECB dates, FOMC dates)
  • Real time credit support annex (CSA), collateralised pricing for cross currency and basis swaps
  • Subset of pricing tools available for sales desk
  • Bespoke trader calculators such as forward broken amounts, broken dates and spot override
  • Funding and arbitrage calculators
  • Extensive currency pair coverage (including crosses)
  • Non deliverable forwards
  • Implied forwards from rate curves
  • Outrights
  • Cross currency basis

Our sophisticated data aggregation module ensures the quality of inbound data, therefore enabling accurate
and consistent pricing.

  • 15 separate sources per currency/asset can be aggregated (more if necessary)
  • Aggregation can be applied on a per tenor basis or source basis
  • Live dealing prices can be used as a reference or override
  • Weightings can be applied to individual sources
  • Start and end times can be set for individual sources
  • Ability to take sources from multiple market date vendors
  • Comparison of calculated theoretical prices against market prices
  • Ability to blend calculated theoretical prices with live prices

FX options (FXO) markets

The kACE suite of products and solutions offers leading-edge technology to support all aspects of the FXO lifecycle, including:
  • Price discovery, with modelling for over 80 FX options classes
  • Price distribution
  • Structuring
  • e-Commerce solutions
  • Liquidity access
  • Deal capture and straight through processing (STP)
  • Risk management
  • External connectivity to counterparties, venues, middleware providers and market infrastructure
  • Cash markets and volatility market data
  • Product Link

Interest Rates

Highly flexible interest rate curves allow variable discounting to accurately price the specific characteristics of any given trade.
kACE Treasury Rates market coverage includes :
Interest rate curves, discounted via overnight indexed swap (OIS) where applicable

  • Stepped curve for OIS pricing
  • 1m, 3m, 6m, 1yr Libor curves
  • Real time CSA collateralised pricing for interest rate, cross currency and basis swaps
  • Additional events can be applied to curves
  • Interest rate swaps (calendar, IMM, forward forward and broken dates)
  • Forward rate agreements (FRAs) (calendar, IMM and broken dates)
  • OISs (calendar, forward forward and broken dates)
  • Non deliverable cross currency swaps
  • Butterflies
  • Spreads
  • Tear ups
  • Amortising, accreting and roller coaster swaps

Fixed Income

Wide range of cross market tools for Swap and Bond Traders.
  • Real time bond curves
  • Bond pricing
  • Cheapest to deliver
  • Yield spreads
  • Basis
  • Asset swaps
  • Real time DV01/PV01
  • Corporate bond pricing

Precious Metals

Accurate pricing and workflow solutions for trading, sales desks, e-Commerce and risk management, for precious metals options markets.
The kACE suite of products and solutions offers the best of asset class technology to support all aspects of FX Options activity:
  • Price discovery
  • Price distribution
  • Structuring
  • e-Commerce solutions
  • Liquidity access
  • Deal capture and Straight Through Processing
  • Risk management
  • External connectivity to counterparties, venues, middleware providers and market infrastructure
  • Cash markets and volatility market data