kACE Options Risk FXO

kACE Options Risk FXO

kACE Options Risk FXO - Critical report-ing tools for the front office

The kACE Options Risk FXO module enables users to run the critical reports required for:
  • Front office portfolio management
  • Risk management
  • Decision support
  • Client reporting

Its powerful reporting and risk engines also allow reports to be customised in real time, providing an instant overview of position mark-to-market and risk profiles.

Meanwhile, the kACE TS suite of open application programming interfaces (APIs) expands the core technology of kACE Options Risk FXO to power: ecommerce platforms, automated quote responding, quote execution and various connectivity solutions.

kACE Options Risk includes:

  • Deal capture with easy customisation of ticket details, ticketing workflows and permissions
  • Straight through processing (STP) server can send trades in real time to core, back office systems and/or trade repositories and central counterparties (CCPs)
  • Life cycle management tools for options and cash: expires, fixings, end of day processes and rollovers
  • Risk reports for portfolio management, risk management and a decision support tool for traders
  • Customer based reporting, allowing sales desks and clients to view their portfolios, and trade performance
  • They can also conduct life cycle sales management to track sales team performance
  • Full support for recording and reporting on margin or sales profit for the various stakeholder desks involved in the trade life cycle
  • Sensitivity reports to calculate how changes in market conditions affect a portfolio
  • Graphical representation of reports can be created in either two or three dimensions
  • The ability to drill down on a position within a report and see the component tickets and their individual risks that contribute to that position
  • Dream tickets used to analyse a ‘hypothetical trades’ potential position impact
  • Individual reports can be run using a specified market scenario of choice
  • The flexibility of kACE Risk allows users to run any report on demand or via a scheduled automated process.
  • Automated trigger alerts for barrier events
  • Web deployment of portfolio reports