BayernLB has expanded its use of kACE

Mon, 15 Apr 2024 9:38 am

kACE, a division of Fenics Software Limited, an entity within BGC Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: BGC) today, Monday 15 April 2024, announced that BayernLB, a leading financial institution, has a successfully implemented kACE Treasury’s new digital workflow solution, providing BayernLB customers with an expedited deposits trading service, by accelerating the quoting process. 

The close collaboration between kACE and BayernLB has been instrumental in the successful implementation of the sales user interface, ensuring a positive user experience, seamless integration, and optimal performance. A key feature of the new solution is a stand-alone sales screen designed to empower salespeople with a comprehensive view of the calendar points and enabling them to enter broken dates for calculation purposes. This innovation marks a significant stride in streamlining the quoting process, ultimately improving the overall customer experience. 

Stephen Helm, Managing Director at kACE, said, “We are delighted that BayernLB has expanded its use of kACE Treasury. The new digital workflow solution now enhances BayernLB’s sales teams’ access to accurate pricing expeditiously, and as a result, increases the bank’s competitiveness. Across our kACE product lines we are enabling our customers to improve their client experience through technological innovation. Our partnership with BayernLB on this project has been extremely rewarding, seeing the beneficial impact on their business.”  Sebastian Oberhauser, Head of Sales Corporates & Financial Institutions and Thomas Bachmeier, Head of MoneyMarket both at BayernLB, jointly said “kACE Treasury’s new digital workflow solution represents a significant step forward in providing an advanced and efficient trading service, ensuring BayernLB remains at the forefront of the financial industry. By eliminating the need for frequent requests to the trading desk by automating the customer quoting process, this allows the trading team more time to focus on trading strategy. This development underscores BayernLB’s commitment to innovation, resulting in a better customer experience and increased efficiency within the bank.”